The Norwegian Handball Team’s Jersey Auction

During the World Championship this December, the Norwegian Handball Team arranged an auction through SocialCee to sell the used jerseys from the championship. The money they earned from the many bids goes to the good work with younger players in the federation.


In Norway the Handball Championships has turned into a tradition. As the Norwegian Handball Ladies travels to another championship, the Norwegians gathers in front of the television to watch some of the world’s best players in another championship. Some might say that our Christmas Spirit and the yearly championships goes hand in hand. When the games are streamed live on TV, about one million viewers watch the games. Some might say the players gathers  the people.



And that might be a good reason to why the team has had such success with the Auction Campaign through SocialCee. The Handball Team created an Auction Campaign to sell signed and used jerseys from this years World Championship. The campaign was active during the whole championship, allowing the users and participants to place their bid as the championship evolved. In this way, the auction became more and more relevant to the fans.



The jerseys the players wear during the games, are of high value to many fans. So when the team launched an auction to sell their jerseys, the participants of the campaign turned their money to good use. Some objects in the campaign even had double digits bids even before the campaign was closed. It’s no secret that the team earned a lot of money running this campaign. But how does the brand turn this money to good use? The national federation use the money they earn on these kinds of campaigns to the federations’s work regarding the younger players in Norway. In that way, the top notch players are able to give back to the community with this campaign – and so are the federation.