Sports funded by fans

One of the major constraints semiprofessional leagues in the Nordics is to raise enough money to develop their teams and club. Social media makes it easier to get close to supporters and one of the core concepts in the Professional Sports offering from SocialCee is Crowdfunding.

With the “Crowdfunding” campaign from SocialCee, the supporters can now engage in funding specific players, facilities, charity or other fundraising causes through an interactive money raiser. The supporters can follow how the funding progresses, and can identify themselves to the specific cause that they are contributing to.

During 2015 the SocialCee Crowdfunding solution generated approx. 0,5 million € to Norwegian clubs like; Elverum Håndball (Champions Leauge), Lillestrøm Fotball (Norwegian Premier League), ØIF Arendal (Handball), Stjernen Hockey, and others.

The campaigns can also be delivered with an integrated payment solution.

Some of the Crowdfunding campaigns running at the moment:


Stjernen Hockey:

Drammen Handball:

Elverum Handball: