Some say… Customer Service is the new Marketing.

Whenever someone said “Customer Service” ten years ago, we all thought about the endless phone conversations. Today, when multiple businesses and brands operates on multiple Social Medias, the Customer Service have become the new marketing.


The Customer Service of today has evolved from complaining phone calls to ongoing interaction through Social Media. If a business isn’t available on Social Media, the brand are missing out on a great way to connect and interact with their customers. Social Media allows the customers of a business to communicate with a brand 24 hours a day. Customer Service has evolved to becoming comments on your Facebook Page or Twitter Page. But when a brand is getting a lot of this activity, are your brand coping? Does your brand and business has the resources it needs to handle it’s Customer Service?



Some say Customer Service are the new marketing. The customer might not complain as much as they used to back in the days – when the customer filled in a complaint form. Today the customers and users of your product and brand knows how to get what they want – they interact and communicate with the brand. The customers and consumers might be able to help your brand to evolve and develop new strategies, new ways to approach or even a new product. But the key question are this. Are you answering your followers and consumers online?



SocialCee has just the right tool to handle this situation. In the application of SocialCee, the tool Social Desk are one of the greatest tool for your brand. This is a tool for all of your interactions on Social Media. If your brand receive a message or a comment, this is where it’ll be located for your Social Media Managers. When the interaction are registered at your page, it’ll show in the Social Desk tool in SocialCee. From there, it’ll be easy to respond to the message, solve the problem and to create an even better relationship with your customers.



Let’s introduce you to a few great tips regarding your social interactions through the Social Desk.



  • Get your interactions organized


Social Desk are made for your business to gain control over the interactions happening on your channels. Once you’ve received a comment or a message, it’ll appear in the Social Desk in SocialCee. In this way, you won’t miss out on any interaction happening.



  • Get your interactions organized by the right person


In large businesses with multiple departments and employees, the Social Desk might be a great tool. If your Social Media Manager can’t answer a question about the technology of your product, assign it to the right person with the right knowledge. In this way, the right people will use the right kind of resources on solving a problem.



  • Solve the problem


Once a problem has been solved by the right person, you’re able to categorize the interaction as “handled”. This means the problem is solved and the task has been completed. Your workspace in Social Desk will be cleared up, and you’ll have gained back the complete control of your interactions.



  • Communicate even better with your customers and followers


In the bigger picture – it’s all about getting the customers the attention they want. It’s not just about solving an issue the customers have, but it’s about pleasing them with the answer. Listen to the customers, take notes and evolve your brand from the service you perform to your customers. Great Customer Service might get your brand to another level.