SocialCee launches three new features!

As 2017 are coming to an end, SocialCee launches three new features and campaigns. The Slot Machine, The Scratch Card and Wallpost Competition are three new and exciting features in SocialCee.


We are pleased to inform you all that SocialCee has now launched three new and very exciting features and campaigns! This allows our customers and clients to create even more exciting and creative campaigns for their followers and supporters. Let us introduce you to the new features in our toolbox.



First of all, there is the Scratch Card. We all know them. And at some point in our life, we have enjoyed a exciting scratch card. Maybe to win a great amount of money, or some other fun prize! With SocialCee, you are now able to create your own Scratch Card. Create a Scratch Card which is assosiated with your brand and which triggers your followers and customers to enjoy an exciting competition. This is a good campaign to engage your supporters and followers regarding a prize: for example a season ticket.





This is an example campaign we created for the Norwegian football club Molde. Check out the campaign here.



Second, there is the Slot Machine. Most of us also knows this one from earlier on. You are able to create a fun spin-and-win-campaign for your followers – and as they spin it, they’ll have the chance to win exciting prizes from your brand. This might be a good way to include your sponsors or partners, as they would have gotten their logo placed in the campaign and their products exposed to your brands followers and customers. As any other campaign in the SocialCee toolbox, it’s an easy campaign to set up for your brand.



Last, we have the Wall Post Competition. You see them all the time. Brands doing exciting competitions on their Facebook Page. This campaign allows you to do just that. The campaign works just like an ordinary post on Facebook – but this campaign tool has a golden touch to it. As your followers start to take part in the competition by either commenting, liking or even sharing the competition on their own pages, you’ll be able to collect all the data. This makes it super easy for you as a brand to host a competition on your Social Media: just because you have this tool. When the competition ends, you’ll easily be able to pick a winner from the participants with our easy tools. And hey, if you’re planning on running a competition on Facebook, be sure to read the rules regarding competitions on Facebook here.