Say HI! to the new SocialCee!

Hello. This is the new SocialCee calling. We got a new look and identity, but our brand remains the same. The same goes for our vision and passion; we live and breathe to help your brand connect with your customers.


During 2017, SocialCee has gone through big changes. At this point, SocialCee has reached a good point in the product- and brand cycle. The number of employees grows – and at the same time our knowledge gets better and better for each day. Now, SocialCee has offices in Norway, Sweden and Poland – with 20 employees from eight nationalities. What we all have in common is one thing: we all want to connect brands and customers in a closer and better relationship. Kenneth Akselsen is the brand’s CEO and founder. He says the company and brand are in a very good place now. We are always growing – in many ways. The company has more employees and we have more and bigger customers in bigger leagues. This gives us the motivation and inspiration to work on bigger things and features. Features that will give our customers an even better experience and tool to connect with their followers.



Any brand needs a good look and identity. That is why SocialCee has undergone some major changes in the last couple of months. As the main idea behind the logo remains the same, the design is still somehow changed. Our designers have worked hard over a long period of time with the new design, with every detail and final touches. The new look of the company has been important, because just as the world keeps turning, so does this business.



So this is a fun day for us! We get to present you with our new look and design! Together with our new website, all of our communication platforms have been implemented with our new look. And if we have to say it our self, it is looking pretty good!