Planning is always a good idea!

Having multiple channels online, advertising your brand and engaging your followers: planning is always a good idea. In SocialCee, we believe planning is the key to a good work flow, engagement and success.


SocialCee are in many ways the perfect tool for all brands operating with online marketing. One of the many tools you’ll find in our app, are the Publisher. This is the one tool you don’t want to miss out on!





Everyone working with Online Marketing and Social Media, knows how frustrating it to have too much to do and not enough time. You might have your activities planned in writing, but everyone know that’ll easily get lost on your desk. The SocialCee Publisher is the one tool you need to plan and organize your up and coming content. There’s a lot of planners out there: all of them made to help you make your working schedule more efficient. The Publisher are created to primarily organize your content on Social Medias like Facebook and Twitter.



Why plan your content?


We could go on forever on this topic, but there’s a few good points to why you should plan your content and integrate this is the brands Marketing Strategy. 



  • Never miss an important date!


The Publisher & Calendar gives you a complete view of the month. That means you can plan your content for a whole month in advance! Which dates are of importance for your brand? Which dates brings you a lot of engagement? Which dates are crucial? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before planning. With the Publisher & Calendar, you’ll be able to plan every month as detailed as you want.



  • Organize, organize, organize!


Every brand operating on Social Media knows the struggle of keeping the activities organized. There’s too many platforms, too much content and just not enough time. The Publisher are created to help you organize your content. Obviously. With just a few steps you can have your entire month planned in no time.



  • Let’s save some valuable time


Time is the most valuable resource for any brand – either you’re a small or big business. With an organized planner, you’ll have your content organized and planned. This makes it easier for you to continue to plan more content and more activities in your Social Media channels.



  • Put your resources to good use!


Time being one of those resources, another good resource is the human resources. Many of the customers of SocialCee, are brands operating within Sports. They might not have the biggest staff – which means they have to but their resources to good use. With the campaigns and Social Media content well planned, those valuable resources can spend their time doing something much more valuable.