Norwegian handball club connects with their fans with SocialCee

Since 2013 the Champions Leauge Club Elverum Handball has used social media to connect with their fans and generate revenue by offering new “social” products to their fans and partners.

“We saw early that our social media presence could give our partner new opportunities to cobrand and reach our supporters with their message. Elverum Handball was one of the first clubs to generate revenue from our partners with integrated social media campaigns.” Says Kalle Björkman former right wing and club legend, now working as Head of Commercial at the club. Kalle Bjørkman

Kalle Bjørkman

Elverum Handball is a big club in Norway, but with its rural location in the eastern parts of Norway, in the small town of Elverum, they need a special focus generating revenue from on both fans and sponsors. In their effort to give supporters ownership to the club and players they have several times launched crowdfunding campaigns on social media, generating several hundred thousand euros over the last 2-3 seasons.

“Building a CL club in a small economy enforces innovative thinking and long term strategies for B2B and B2F (Business to Fans) marketing and product development. An important part of this has been to use social media to fill the stadium, entertain and create a closer relationship between the club, its players and the fans.”

More than 50% of the people living in the small town of Elverum follows Elverum Handball on Facebook. The upcoming season the goal is to increase the fan base and get reach outside their core region. To be able to do this the club is now improving their fan communication by launching B2F CRM base, revamped newsletter subscription and new social media campaigns to generate more fan data.

“Social media is key to generate revenue from fans and partners, get supporter data and help us build high quality CRM. The return on our Social media investments is 10x and that is not considering the value of supporter data. Follow us on to see how we win; on the pitch and on Facebook in the upcoming season”

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