Make the most out of the Christmas Spirit with SocialCee

Many of our customers think about their Christmas Calendar Campaign during the whole year. How is it possible to engage your followers even though they’re probably busy enjoying (or hating) their own Christmas Spirit? What does it takes to make December a good month for your brand?


Many of our biggest customers create a Calendar Campaign during the Christmas month and holiday. For many of these, December is a great month for advertising and sales. And what’s better than creating a campaign with a hint of Christmas Spirit? Well, nothing! This is our best tips regarding how to get the best results from your Calendar Campaign.



You’ve gotta have a plan


To succeed, it’s all about the planning. Try to keep it simple and not making it too complicated for you or your colleagues. With a good planner, the making and marketing of your campaign will be a lot smoother. Plan your content and design, which sponsor and partners you want to include and last but not least, how to inform your customers and followers about your campaign. To plan the marketing of your campaign in Social Media, it’s beneficial for your brand to use the Publisher Tool in SocialCee. With this tool, you’ll be able to gain a complete controll of your posting to your Social Media plattforms.



Design it


In SocialCee you’re able to design your own campaign in whatever style you want. And because of that, you’ll be able to include your own design and brand identity. The Calendar Campaign is a good way to expose your own brand, and that’s why your own exposure of brand identity is so important. You want the customers to remember your logo and look? Expose it! Choose your own background, colors, images, logos and so on. You’ll also be able to design your own questions and answers. Remember to choose questions which is related to your brand and company. And remember: the campaign are adjusted to a great look for both desktop, tablets and mobile phones.



Get it out there


Letting your customers know the campaign is out there, is a huge part of the campaign. If you’re customers and followers doesn’t know the campaign are live, how should you expect to get any participants? As this campaign is going to be located on your facebook page (or maybe on your website), use your audience! Get in touch with your followers using a newsletter, or updating your social medias. This is a huge campaign in December, so make sure to have the right content and tools for your plattforms. The main goal is to remind your followers to take part in the campaign every day.



Collect your data 


As any other campaign you run through SocialCee, you’ll be able to collect loads of great data from your customers. As they approve the terms and conditions of your campaign, you’ll be able to collect valuable information about your customers through our tool Customer Insights. Collect the information in a smart system to keep track of your customers contact information. This will be the most valuable outcome of your campaign: the fact that your customers left behind good and valuable information for you to use.