Major changes in the Facebook feed. How will it impact your brand?

Another update from Facebook are soon upon us. This time the network want to make the feed more personal – the Social Media giant will prioritize content from friends and family above “meaningless content”. How will this impact you and your brand?


Facebook are making huge changes to their platform. Facebook’s Head of Product, John Hegeman, says the Social Media giant are making changes to “prioritize social interactions and relations”. Hegeman says people will spend less time on Facebook, but that means the users time on Facebook are of more value to them. This update appears to be the biggest update Facebook has done in years regarding their feed. Mark Zuckerberg himself says that the personal content are the content Facebook was made to communicate. Read his statement on his Facebook Page here.



Basically, what this means is that what your friends and family share – will be more important than the content from brands and pages that you follow. You will be more likely to see posts where your friends and family has left a comment or a like. Facebook says that it will be less content from brands, publishers (like a newspaper or a magazine) and celebrities. And there you have it. This update will be crucial for any brand operating on Facebook. Will the user have to actively search for your brand to see your content?



For a long time, Sport Brands all over the world have been blessed with engaged supporters and great reach on their content. The question many now ask is if good content will be rewarded the way it has been. Facebook claims that quality content still will reach audiences organic, even if people in Marketing all over the world disagree. So, according to Facebook relevant, targeted and engaging content will still beat clickbait, irrelevant and impersonal posts.



How can we deal with this, you ask? When this update is live, the most important tool for your brand might seem to be the advertising opportunities Facebook offers. Even though the feed changes, you are still able to engage your followers – you just have to spend more on advertising…. or…

We have always believed that all brands should have a omni channel focus with their content to engage fans:

  • Spend more time on quality content when you publish on Facebook (this will still work)
  • Use Facebook advertising to get conversion of ticket sales, campaign participations, etc.
  • Focus even more on the channels that you control – newsletter, sms, mobile apps
  • Use SocialCee to get attention from your fans and collect their data to reach them directly



Facebook are continuously evolving and we like to stay on top of the changes that are introduced. Are you curious how this will effect your brand? Don’t hesitate to contact us!