How to include Customer Insights Tool in your marketing

Brands operate on multiple Social Media platforms. On these platforms, the brands gather together followers from all over the world. You might have hundreds, thousands of them. But who are they really? Do you really know your followers and customers? How do you communicate with them? 


One of the greatest tools in the SocialCee App is the Customers Insights Tool. This is a great way of discovering your new marketing weapon: the knowledge of your customers.




“Knowledge is power”



The more you know about your customers, the more valuable your marketing will be. To target your biggest and best audience is the key to big changes for your marketing strategy. SocialCee has just the right tool to achieve your goals – the Customer Insights Tool. Making campaigns and marketing activities in SocialCee, your brand will collect valuable information as the participants take part in your campaigns.



Once you have created a campaign, it’s easy to collect the data from the participants. It’s also easy to export the data to your own database of information – for example Lime or any other software. The Customer Insights Tool in SocialCee will give you a complete view of all your contacts – but there is something much more valuable in store for you as well.



Once you find all your contacts in SocialCee, you’re able to explore your followers even more. Every customer have their own “customer card”, which collect valuable information. For example you’re able to see how active the follower are regarding your campaigns. How many of them are they taking part in? What kind of attention are they giving your brand? The Customer Card will give you all the information you’ll need.



Let’s get back to how to use this information.



We wrote about the huge change in Facebook’s feed last week. We talked about how it’s gonna change dramatically, but we also talked about how you could reach out to your audience in another way. One of the major things we brought up, was the alternative ways  to interact with your customers.



Customers Insights are the key to…



… communication! The insights give you the golden key to be able to interact and communicate with your customers in a whole new way.



  • Use the information collected through the campaigns in SocialCee to create a weekly or monthly newsletter to interact with your customers and followers.


Many of the customers of SocialCee are brands operating within the Sports Market. It’s brands selling tickets, souvenirs, clothing and other gadgets. That’s why many of these brands communicate with their customers through email based newsletter. Once a week or once a month they inform their customers about great deals, news about season tickets to their home stadium, new launches of clothing and gear, etc. This is a great way of increasing sales and income for your brand.



What information are valuable to your brand?



Creating a campaign in SocialCee, you’re able to choose which kind of information you want to know about your customers and followers. This makes it possible for your brand to collect phone numbers as well as email addresses.



  • Use the information collected to advertise through SMS directly to your customers.


Direct messages through text messages are a popular way to advertise your brand. It’s a great way to interact with your customers in a highly exposed way. Remember to keep the balance in your marketing – don’t hit the send button too often. At the same time we advice your brand to study up on the rules regarding the privacy of your customers – remember to keep your terms and conditions according to the rules of marketing.



The Customer Insights Tool are just one of many great tools in the SocialCee app. There are so many options for your brand to expand, to communicate even better and to make more money. If you want to know more about what SocialCee can provide you with, check out our homepage.