Take on the new year with SocialCee

January has arrived, we have already said goodbye to 2017 and we welcome 2018. The new year means a better version of yourself, but could it also be an opportunity to create a better version of your brand? It’s possible to make your brand communicate even better with it’s followers through SocialCee.


At SocialCee our main vision is to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers. With our tools, made to maximise the value of your customer and audience engagement, your brand has unlimited possibilities. This makes reaching and achieving the goals of 2018 even easier – which is why SocialCee should be one of the tools for your brand to become the best version it can be this year. In 2017 SocialCee launched new tools and campaigns created to help your brand achieve its goals.



As we live in 2018, this is a digital age of time. Followers, supporters and customers has their own digital life. Their life happens in the “real life”, but it also happens on their digital platforms. The crucial question is about just that. Are your brand communicating with your followers and customers on the platforms they are located at? Are your brand communication in the right way to achieve the maximum potential of your brand? Communication is the key to many things as a brand. But to increase the relationship between your brand and your followers should be on of your main goals for 2018.



That’s just it. SocialCee can help you take that relationship to the next level. With our tools, our knowledge and our passion we help brands achieve their goals. The tools in SocialCee are made for your brand to create an engagement between your brand and your followers. What makes this tool special to your brand is the fact that SocialCee will help you collect valuable and unique data about your customers. And when you know things about your customers, followers and supporters – you have the opportunity to affect the customers of your brand in a whole new way.



Social media in European Handball Championship for men

The 15th to 31st of January was the time where the European Handball Championship for men took place in Poland. Norway have the last 10 years done major progress in the menns league – but never really reached the top. This time it was finally their time to shine, and so they did. After a thriller of a semi finale – they finally had to accept the 4th place – but it being the best results in menns  Norwegian handball history ever, made the 4th place feel like a victory!


As a textbook example on great social media marketing, The Norwegian Handball association was constantly working in the social media throughout the whole championship. By producing activities like “Guess the score” campaigns before the matches, “Vote for the best player” campaigns during the match, and a jersey auction through the whole championship – they managed to raise 60 000 NOK and gain 20% new followers.  All the money raised was given to the “Right to play” Uganda project – where the goal is to raise the financing of 2 new handball stadiums + gear and instructors.


Head of Professional Sports