More changes to your Facebook feed

Not long ago, we wrote about the major changes to the Facebook Feed and what the update would mean to your brand. Now, Mark Zuckerberg has announced yet another update from the Social Media Giant. This time, it’ll benefit the local Media Houses in your feed.



As January has passed us by, Facebook has announced multiple updates to their software. The latest update was announced on Monday by the chief himself – Mark Zuckerberg. This time the update “isn’t just for fun, but also good for your well-being and for society”, Zuckerberg says. The update in question are to show more high quality, trusted news. Facebook want to create not only a more personal feed, but also a more important feed that’ll benefit the society.



This means Facebook will identify and prioritize local media and publishers – which means content from your local media will be placed high in your feed. Facebook says it’s important to stay updated on local news, to make yourself more involved and to be able to make a different to the society.



Basically, what this means is that if you follow a local newspaper or a publisher – you’ll from now on see more stories and content from these pages. This means that smaller, more local publishers will benefit from this update. The smaller publishers will more likely be able to reach out to their main target group, while stories and content from bigger and more professional brands will not be prioritized to be shown in your feed.



This update might be a major response to the fact that Facebook has been accused of being one of the biggest sources of fake news. Fake News, which became the “Word Of The Year 2017”, are false information disseminated under the guise of news. This second, major update from Facebook, could be seen as an attempt to improve the rumour Facebook has regarding spreading fake news and propaganda during the political campaigns in 2016.


Some say… Customer Service is the new Marketing.

Whenever someone said “Customer Service” ten years ago, we all thought about the endless phone conversations. Today, when multiple businesses and brands operates on multiple Social Medias, the Customer Service have become the new marketing.


The Customer Service of today has evolved from complaining phone calls to ongoing interaction through Social Media. If a business isn’t available on Social Media, the brand are missing out on a great way to connect and interact with their customers. Social Media allows the customers of a business to communicate with a brand 24 hours a day. Customer Service has evolved to becoming comments on your Facebook Page or Twitter Page. But when a brand is getting a lot of this activity, are your brand coping? Does your brand and business has the resources it needs to handle it’s Customer Service?



Some say Customer Service are the new marketing. The customer might not complain as much as they used to back in the days – when the customer filled in a complaint form. Today the customers and users of your product and brand knows how to get what they want – they interact and communicate with the brand. The customers and consumers might be able to help your brand to evolve and develop new strategies, new ways to approach or even a new product. But the key question are this. Are you answering your followers and consumers online?



SocialCee has just the right tool to handle this situation. In the application of SocialCee, the tool Social Desk are one of the greatest tool for your brand. This is a tool for all of your interactions on Social Media. If your brand receive a message or a comment, this is where it’ll be located for your Social Media Managers. When the interaction are registered at your page, it’ll show in the Social Desk tool in SocialCee. From there, it’ll be easy to respond to the message, solve the problem and to create an even better relationship with your customers.



Let’s introduce you to a few great tips regarding your social interactions through the Social Desk.



  • Get your interactions organized


Social Desk are made for your business to gain control over the interactions happening on your channels. Once you’ve received a comment or a message, it’ll appear in the Social Desk in SocialCee. In this way, you won’t miss out on any interaction happening.



  • Get your interactions organized by the right person


In large businesses with multiple departments and employees, the Social Desk might be a great tool. If your Social Media Manager can’t answer a question about the technology of your product, assign it to the right person with the right knowledge. In this way, the right people will use the right kind of resources on solving a problem.



  • Solve the problem


Once a problem has been solved by the right person, you’re able to categorize the interaction as “handled”. This means the problem is solved and the task has been completed. Your workspace in Social Desk will be cleared up, and you’ll have gained back the complete control of your interactions.



  • Communicate even better with your customers and followers


In the bigger picture – it’s all about getting the customers the attention they want. It’s not just about solving an issue the customers have, but it’s about pleasing them with the answer. Listen to the customers, take notes and evolve your brand from the service you perform to your customers. Great Customer Service might get your brand to another level.

How to include Customer Insights Tool in your marketing

Brands operate on multiple Social Media platforms. On these platforms, the brands gather together followers from all over the world. You might have hundreds, thousands of them. But who are they really? Do you really know your followers and customers? How do you communicate with them? 


One of the greatest tools in the SocialCee App is the Customers Insights Tool. This is a great way of discovering your new marketing weapon: the knowledge of your customers.




“Knowledge is power”



The more you know about your customers, the more valuable your marketing will be. To target your biggest and best audience is the key to big changes for your marketing strategy. SocialCee has just the right tool to achieve your goals – the Customer Insights Tool. Making campaigns and marketing activities in SocialCee, your brand will collect valuable information as the participants take part in your campaigns.



Once you have created a campaign, it’s easy to collect the data from the participants. It’s also easy to export the data to your own database of information – for example Lime or any other software. The Customer Insights Tool in SocialCee will give you a complete view of all your contacts – but there is something much more valuable in store for you as well.



Once you find all your contacts in SocialCee, you’re able to explore your followers even more. Every customer have their own “customer card”, which collect valuable information. For example you’re able to see how active the follower are regarding your campaigns. How many of them are they taking part in? What kind of attention are they giving your brand? The Customer Card will give you all the information you’ll need.



Let’s get back to how to use this information.



We wrote about the huge change in Facebook’s feed last week. We talked about how it’s gonna change dramatically, but we also talked about how you could reach out to your audience in another way. One of the major things we brought up, was the alternative ways  to interact with your customers.



Customers Insights are the key to…



… communication! The insights give you the golden key to be able to interact and communicate with your customers in a whole new way.



  • Use the information collected through the campaigns in SocialCee to create a weekly or monthly newsletter to interact with your customers and followers.


Many of the customers of SocialCee are brands operating within the Sports Market. It’s brands selling tickets, souvenirs, clothing and other gadgets. That’s why many of these brands communicate with their customers through email based newsletter. Once a week or once a month they inform their customers about great deals, news about season tickets to their home stadium, new launches of clothing and gear, etc. This is a great way of increasing sales and income for your brand.



What information are valuable to your brand?



Creating a campaign in SocialCee, you’re able to choose which kind of information you want to know about your customers and followers. This makes it possible for your brand to collect phone numbers as well as email addresses.



  • Use the information collected to advertise through SMS directly to your customers.


Direct messages through text messages are a popular way to advertise your brand. It’s a great way to interact with your customers in a highly exposed way. Remember to keep the balance in your marketing – don’t hit the send button too often. At the same time we advice your brand to study up on the rules regarding the privacy of your customers – remember to keep your terms and conditions according to the rules of marketing.



The Customer Insights Tool are just one of many great tools in the SocialCee app. There are so many options for your brand to expand, to communicate even better and to make more money. If you want to know more about what SocialCee can provide you with, check out our homepage.



Major changes in the Facebook feed. How will it impact your brand?

Another update from Facebook are soon upon us. This time the network want to make the feed more personal – the Social Media giant will prioritize content from friends and family above “meaningless content”. How will this impact you and your brand?


Facebook are making huge changes to their platform. Facebook’s Head of Product, John Hegeman, says the Social Media giant are making changes to “prioritize social interactions and relations”. Hegeman says people will spend less time on Facebook, but that means the users time on Facebook are of more value to them. This update appears to be the biggest update Facebook has done in years regarding their feed. Mark Zuckerberg himself says that the personal content are the content Facebook was made to communicate. Read his statement on his Facebook Page here.



Basically, what this means is that what your friends and family share – will be more important than the content from brands and pages that you follow. You will be more likely to see posts where your friends and family has left a comment or a like. Facebook says that it will be less content from brands, publishers (like a newspaper or a magazine) and celebrities. And there you have it. This update will be crucial for any brand operating on Facebook. Will the user have to actively search for your brand to see your content?



For a long time, Sport Brands all over the world have been blessed with engaged supporters and great reach on their content. The question many now ask is if good content will be rewarded the way it has been. Facebook claims that quality content still will reach audiences organic, even if people in Marketing all over the world disagree. So, according to Facebook relevant, targeted and engaging content will still beat clickbait, irrelevant and impersonal posts.



How can we deal with this, you ask? When this update is live, the most important tool for your brand might seem to be the advertising opportunities Facebook offers. Even though the feed changes, you are still able to engage your followers – you just have to spend more on advertising…. or…

We have always believed that all brands should have a omni channel focus with their content to engage fans:

  • Spend more time on quality content when you publish on Facebook (this will still work)
  • Use Facebook advertising to get conversion of ticket sales, campaign participations, etc.
  • Focus even more on the channels that you control – newsletter, sms, mobile apps
  • Use SocialCee to get attention from your fans and collect their data to reach them directly



Facebook are continuously evolving and we like to stay on top of the changes that are introduced. Are you curious how this will effect your brand? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Norwegian handball club connects with their fans with SocialCee

Since 2013 the Champions Leauge Club Elverum Handball has used social media to connect with their fans and generate revenue by offering new “social” products to their fans and partners.

“We saw early that our social media presence could give our partner new opportunities to cobrand and reach our supporters with their message. Elverum Handball was one of the first clubs to generate revenue from our partners with integrated social media campaigns.” Says Kalle Björkman former right wing and club legend, now working as Head of Commercial at the club. Kalle Bjørkman

Kalle Bjørkman

Elverum Handball is a big club in Norway, but with its rural location in the eastern parts of Norway, in the small town of Elverum, they need a special focus generating revenue from on both fans and sponsors. In their effort to give supporters ownership to the club and players they have several times launched crowdfunding campaigns on social media, generating several hundred thousand euros over the last 2-3 seasons.

“Building a CL club in a small economy enforces innovative thinking and long term strategies for B2B and B2F (Business to Fans) marketing and product development. An important part of this has been to use social media to fill the stadium, entertain and create a closer relationship between the club, its players and the fans.”

More than 50% of the people living in the small town of Elverum follows Elverum Handball on Facebook. The upcoming season the goal is to increase the fan base and get reach outside their core region. To be able to do this the club is now improving their fan communication by launching B2F CRM base, revamped newsletter subscription and new social media campaigns to generate more fan data.

“Social media is key to generate revenue from fans and partners, get supporter data and help us build high quality CRM. The return on our Social media investments is 10x and that is not considering the value of supporter data. Follow us on to see how we win; on the pitch and on Facebook in the upcoming season”

Does engaging fans and creating value for your sponsors interest you? Please contact Alexander Faye-Schjøll, Head of Professional Sports, tlf. +47 908 35 524, mail:



At the speed of light

Speed is the keyword of the new era. As a business we fully understand the need for speed to keep up with the ever increasing pace of how businesses work and communicate. Due the increasing popularity of social platforms, customers expect brands to be present in the infinite expanding social galaxy and to react at the speed of light.


For a brand to communicate fast and efficiently, it needs the right tools to do so. For that very reason, we at SocialCee made the bold decision in 2015 to revise our infrastructure approach that is responsible of synchronizing content with social platforms. We knew that we had a great product, but we had to aim higher. This decision impacted the amount of new features and improvements that we wanted to ship to our customers, but to deliver the best service possible, we knew we had to do it.


Refurbishing an entire infrastructure is a hideous idea for a software company, but we took the challenge on and we are proud of the results. We managed to reduce the synchronization latency from 3 minutes to a single second for Twitter content and from 3 minutes to an average of 30 seconds for Facebook content. This change has direct impact on our users and API partners and will scale fluently along with our growing customer base.


This project was not only about leaving our competitors behind on the field of synchronization speed. We managed to found a solid, robust way to navigate through all the complicated social platform API’s to generalize the entities and objects that exist on all these platforms and unify them in our solution. It will aid us on handling big data in a much more efficient way to improve the experience of our users.


It was a long difficult journey, we had many setbacks, many challenges, but we managed and we are proud to present you the results of our hard work. To signify this rebirth, we come forth with a new and improved styling of our solution which is more pleasing to the eye. With this milestone behind us, we can now fully focus on delivering new features and improvements that our users have been very patient about.


We would like to show our gratitude towards you for being patient with us, now it is on us to deliver on your expectations.


The SocialCee Team