At the speed of light

Speed is the keyword of the new era. As a business we fully understand the need for speed to keep up with the ever increasing pace of how businesses work and communicate. Due the increasing popularity of social platforms, customers expect brands to be present in the infinite expanding social galaxy and to react at the speed of light.


For a brand to communicate fast and efficiently, it needs the right tools to do so. For that very reason, we at SocialCee made the bold decision in 2015 to revise our infrastructure approach that is responsible of synchronizing content with social platforms. We knew that we had a great product, but we had to aim higher. This decision impacted the amount of new features and improvements that we wanted to ship to our customers, but to deliver the best service possible, we knew we had to do it.


Refurbishing an entire infrastructure is a hideous idea for a software company, but we took the challenge on and we are proud of the results. We managed to reduce the synchronization latency from 3 minutes to a single second for Twitter content and from 3 minutes to an average of 30 seconds for Facebook content. This change has direct impact on our users and API partners and will scale fluently along with our growing customer base.


This project was not only about leaving our competitors behind on the field of synchronization speed. We managed to found a solid, robust way to navigate through all the complicated social platform API’s to generalize the entities and objects that exist on all these platforms and unify them in our solution. It will aid us on handling big data in a much more efficient way to improve the experience of our users.


It was a long difficult journey, we had many setbacks, many challenges, but we managed and we are proud to present you the results of our hard work. To signify this rebirth, we come forth with a new and improved styling of our solution which is more pleasing to the eye. With this milestone behind us, we can now fully focus on delivering new features and improvements that our users have been very patient about.


We would like to show our gratitude towards you for being patient with us, now it is on us to deliver on your expectations.


The SocialCee Team